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PCAN - Portsmouth Climate Action Network
Wallflux: Established in November 2006, PCAN is a local voluntary group concerned about the significant dangers posed by man-made climate change. Our primary aim is to ensure that the issue is tackled at a local level i.e. in Portsmouth, through education, mitigation and adaptation. We have a small group of ...
PCAN - Portsmouth Climate Action Network
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    Sue James posted a photo on PCAN - Portsmouth Climate Action Network's wall: The Campaign against Climate Change is coordinating a major demonstration in London on March 7th. The aim is to raise the profile of climate change before the general election with a message of urgency - it's Time to Act on Climate Change. Make sure it's in your diaries. (3 likes, 5 comments)
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    Sue Stokes posted a link to PCAN - Portsmouth Climate Action Network's wall: Fancy this anyone? should be great fun Booking fast Fancy trying something you've never done before http://southseagreenhouse.co.uk/skillshop-workshop-schedule/ Please share with anyone you know who could benefit thank you smile emoticon
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January News

News from PCAN Jan 2015

Let’s make 2015 a really effective year in getting real action on climate change.

There are some important things coming up next year. There’s the General Election on May 7th and vital UN Climate talks in Paris in December.

Interest in climate change seems to have been lessening – even though 100,000 or so people joined demonstrations back in September.

We need to get people talking about the climate – everything else depends on it.

The Campaign against Climate Change is organising a big rally on March 7th. Climate Change – it’s Time to Act


CCC time to act demo-page-001

And there’s a mass lobby of Parliament (to influence newly elected MPs) being set up by the Climate Coalition on June 17th. They hope this will be the biggest climate lobby in history with 10000 people attending, and Skype pods set up for constituents in the furthest regions of the British Isles.

More information soon.

And of course, look out for lots of action around the Paris talks in December

It’s time to get involved and make a difference.


Our next meetings

Do come along to a PCAN meeting if you can.  The next one is Thur 12th Feb 7.00 at the King St Tavern

2014 was the hottest year yet.

The BBC have just announced that in Britain 2014 was the hottest year since records began in 1910


And for the global picture


Homes to be lost to the sea

According to an unpublished Environment Agency Report seen by the Guardian, up to 7,000 homes could be sacrificed to rising seas. Properties worth over £1bn will be lost to coastal erosion in England and Wales over the next century, with no compensation for homeowners, as it becomes too costly to protect them.



The Infrastructure bill


There’s a Bill currently passing through Parliament that includes a legal obligation on current and future governments to help trash the world’s climate - or in other words to "maximise economic recovery of UK petroleum".


It would also change the trespass law to allow fracking companies to drill beneath people’s homes and land without their permission and to leave any substance or infrastructure in the land.


The Infrastructure Bill has already been passed through the House of Lords, and is now in the House of Commons at the Committee Stage, where a closed Committee are discussing and amending it. When the Committee have reported back to the HoC (currently scheduled for 15th/16th Jan) it will then move to the Report Stage, where a new version of the Bill (with new section/clause numbers) will be released, and opened up for all MPs to make amendments to it, and vote on it. 


On Wednesday 14th January at 11am, there will be a mass lobby of Parliament, with people going in to speak to their MPs directly about the Bill Find out more.


If you can't attend, you can still write to your MP about the Bill, asking them to support amendments that would remove the clauses on maximising recovery of oil and gas, and on changing the trespass laws. www.writetothem.com


Read more on the Infrastructure Bill - article by George Monbiot

Green Drinks Portsmouth

Genna Handley is inviting people to come along to a new Green Dinks meeting on 10th Feb at 7 pm in the King’s Pub, Albert Road, Southsea PO5 2SE

She says: Every month people who are interested in environmental issues meet up at informal sessions known as Green Drinks.

We have a lively mixture of people from NGOs, academia, government and business. Come along and you'll be made welcome. Just say, "are you green?" and we will look after you and introduce you to whoever is there. It's a great way of catching up with people you know and also for making new contacts. Everyone invites someone else along, so there’s always a different crowd, making Green Drinks an organic, self-organising network.

These events are very simple and unstructured, but many people have found employment, made friends, developed new ideas, done deals and had moments of serendipity. It's a force for the good and we'd like to help it spread!


Global Justice Portsmouth - Energy Justice

Global Justice Now is the new name for the World Development Movement which campaigns for justice for the world’s poor.  We think it makes what we are trying to do clearer – work with groups around the world to find solutions to poverty and injustice.

The Portsmouth group is holding a launch event on Energy Justice on Wednesday 18th March from 6.30 p.m. (starting with refreshments) in Café Coco, the University of Portsmouth. The speaker is Christine Haigh Policy & Campaigns Officer from Global Justice Now. Free admission.

Find out more about this and about the campaign


Take back Our World

Global Justice Now is organising a big national launch conference too: Take back our world!

Rich Mix, 35 - 47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA  Sat 21st Feb.

Featuring international speakers, films, workshops, music and an exhibition of Mexican street art.


Fairtrade Fortnight 23.2 to 8.3

A chance to learn more about the injustices of the world trading systems and the stories behind the everyday products we use,

The Local Fairtrade group and Oxfam groups are organising an evening at The Hub, Dennis Sciama Building University of Portsmouth with Mark Goldring, the Director of Oxfam.

It’s on Tuesday 3rd March. From 7 pm. Curry and soft drink £5.

Climate Change and the churches

Pope Francis has cheered us up by offering to call a meeting of religious leaders before the Paris talks and also to write to all Catholics urging action.


Actually there’s loads going on in churches and most of the main aid organisations like Christian Aid, CAFOD and Oxfam are campaigning on climate change so there are lots of excellent materials out there.

Check out the Churches Together website


A million Climate Jobs?

Did you know that the green economy is growing ….

Strange that this rarely gets a mention

Campaign Against Climate Change have produced a new report showing how we could reach one million climate jobs. You can download or read it here

They argue that real, well-paid jobs are desperately needed and that building a green infrastructure could provide these as well as tacking climate change. We need renewable energy, insulated homes, cheap public transport, flood defences……

It’s not good enough for the government to say it’s too expensive – they can find the money for other things.

Green Valentines

A new way to make an impact. Lots of groups want to take the traditional, corporate Valentine’s Day and do something really different. People around Britain will show their love for the things and people that are already affected by climate change by turning their red hearts green. This will be happening through all kinds of channels - from grassroots action to celebrity involvement, traditional media to social media, and the Climate Coalition will be providing content both on and offline. 

Climate Week

This is from 2nd to 8th March and last year there were hundreds of activities around the country.

This site links to lots of useful resources as well as telling you about the week


Future Solent Conference

Some PCAN members attended this conference on 7th November and there were some interesting talks eg on the local energy strategy, on the Sustrans scheme of advising small firms on sustainable transport and the “mini-Stern” report which showed that investment in green technology would pay off in terms of jobs and benefits for the area. There were also lots of useful ideas on funding for businesses.

The full report on the conference can be found here.

Stop TTIP. The Fight is on for 2015

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a trade deal being negotiated between the EU and US. The main action at the moment is to sign the EU wide petition https://secure.38degrees.org.uk/page/s/eu-ttip-petition#petition

Do read more about this – everyone should be concerned. http://www.wdm.org.uk/trade-campaign/transatlantic-trade-and-investment-partnership-ttip

Have a look at this short presentation from War on Want's Executive Director, John Hilary, outlining the threat of TTIP.



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